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2019 National - Homecraft Group Entry

Jackie Glackin has agreed to co-ordinate the Northern Counties group entry for the 2019 National Rally Homecraft.The theme is "Afternoon Tea". Marking will be on creativity and overall appearance and all items must be hand made and should include a variety of materials and skills. Please Facebook message any interest in contributing or can email Jackie by clicking here.


Updating contact details

If any of your contact details change eg phone number, email or address, please ensure that you inform us in order that our contact list is up to date.


2019 Rallies

As ever, things change, so please ensure that you visit the website regularly and especially before setting off for a rally. If you are hosting a rally and want to draw attention to a particular event or activity, please send me an email and I'll do my best to promote it for you. There is little point in announcing a table top sale as people arrive at a rally!